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Feb 28, 2017

Today’s guest on Property Secrets, Jessica Osborne, is the founder of Josh Develop and the author of the book 'Buyer’s Guide to Builders'. Jessica put everything she learned over her years of experience into this helpful resource written for anyone building a home. Her journey into educating people in this area was inspired by her own experiences and those of her clients who were concerned about the building process. Further to Jessica's book she also runs a 6-hour workshop to provide even more support and education for people who are building a house.

In today’s episode of Property Secrets Jessica shares her journey and explores key topics which she finds buyers are often uneducated about before they enter into a building contract. 

 “I think that mentorship is really a great strategy – looking for someone in the industry, like us, can help.” – Jessica Osborne


In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • Jessica discusses her workshop which covers the basics that buyers need to know before they set out to engage a builder.
  • She shares three things to consider when building a house.
  • She elaborates on the services they provide to buyers.
  • Jessica cites a number of things people need to think about such as contours of the slope on the land, the type of soil, and property frontage.
  • Since consumers are not always aware of the questions they should be asking their builder, Jessica has created an inclusion list to highlight the key questions to consider.
  • Jessica emphasizes the importance of transparency between the buyer and builder.
  • She talks about the history of house-and-land packages and how they came to be a mainstream product today.


Jessica’s Insider Property Secrets:

A sealed disposal container for construction waste & materials is essential to protect the soil surrounding the house from contamination. 


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Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of the Property Secrets podcast – the show that provides you with an insider’s guide on how you can profit from buying, developing, or investing in property.  If you enjoyed today’s episode,  please head over to iTunes and give us a rate and review to help us reach even more aspiring new entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to check out our website, visit us on Facebook, or check us out on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the what’s in store for you!

Feb 18, 2017

Today’s guest on Property Secrets has over 20 years experience in selling property, both commercial & residential. Before Real Estate Andrew Reeves worked in retail until his late 20s. It was Andrew's brother who first introduced him to the industry, after hiring him to work in his Real Estate Business. Andrew soon realised that his passion was with selling residential properties, and eventually he would go on to launch his own brand under OneAgency. Four years have passed and Andrew's business is stronger than ever driven by his passion for helping people and making a difference.


Andrew explains why now is the best time to sell and how the market is performing. He also discusses the importance of using outstanding photography and how significantly it impacts the marketing and selling of a home. Andrew shares his negotiation strategy and explains how he leverages buyers interest to achieve the most for his clients.

“The difference between an okay agent and an outstanding agent will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.” – Andrew Reeves


In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • Andrew elaborates on the roles and responsibilities of Real Estate agents at One Agency together with the opportunities they maximize when negotiating.
  • He explains how psychology plays a key role for skilled real estate agents.
  • Practical guidance and necessary things his team advises owners who are listing their homes for sale.
  • Advice to owners who do not have enough money upfront for marketing their home.
  • Whether involving a buyer’s agent make the negotiation harder or easier.


Andrew’s Insider Property Secrets:

While Andrew can always teach the necessary skills regarding real estate and negotiations, he emphasizes an even more important trait for people who want to be a part of their team – having a genuine care for others. For him, it’s all about building trust and relationship and having a fear of failing the people who chose to put their confidence in them.


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Thanks for joining us on today’s episode of the Property Secrets podcast – the show that provides you with an insider’s guide on how you can profit from buying, developing, or investing in property.  If you enjoyed today’s episode,  head over to iTunes and give us a rate and review to help us reach even more aspiring new entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to check out our website, visit us on Facebook, or check us out on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the what’s in store for you!  

Feb 15, 2017

It's widely believed that investing in Real Estate is easy. Although it may not be difficult to get started, turning a profit requires knowledge, patience & guidance.

The reason property investing is not for everybody is that it is challenging and requires a lot of learning along the way. In today’s episode Jayce Richardson enlightens us about his niche strategy to give you another perspective on property investment. 

Jayce is the owner of residential building company, Bespoke Development. He started his career as a carpenter’s apprentice, but he soon came to understand he wasn’t going to get wealthy from this occupation, so he branched out into building homes and developing property. He now knows the industry from the ground up, and as a shrewd entrepreneur, he understands the tricks of investing which he passes on to his clients so they can benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience.

On today’s show Jayce shares his story, insights on his business, and gives us some excellent advice. You’ll learn a lot from him, and his tips and tricks will help you become savvier when you jump into the investing game.

“Anyone can go out there and build a house, but I give people a reason to come to Bespoked Development - I offer the whole package.” Jayce Richardson

In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • Jayce tells us about his start in real estate investing and what took him there.
  • He talks about renovating & flipping homes.
  • Jayce recalls how he went out on his own to build his business from the ground up.
  • He discusses how his company differs from other building groups.
  • We talk about how to maximize profit from subdividing & developing.
  • We touch on the subject of the council approvals.
  • Jayce reveals what are realistic project timeframes.
  • We discuss the benefits of holding on to a property.


Jayce’s Insider Property Secrets:

  • When designing your project it is important not to be too emotionally invested in the design (i.e to ensure you do not over-capitalise) if you are building purely for investment / profit. 
  • A fundamental factor of Real Estate - always consider the market you are investing in - if supply outweighs demand you should understand that it may be some time before you see a significant return on your development.
  • Many people focus initially on profitability before even knowing for sure that the project they are planning is possible. Instead begin by investigating underlying control factors such as: utility services / connections, council requirements etc.


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Feb 14, 2017

This week we’re talking to John Vyden, owner & manager of South Australian renovation company Vybuilt. John began his career as a carpenter before focusing on his passion for home renovation.

Through word-of-mouth, networking and referrals, he has grown his small business into a reputable company. Today, John shares the story of how he got started in home renovation, developed his business model and shares tips for homeowners who are considering undertaking a renovation project.

“The more renovations you do, the more you become aware of what’s involved & what to expect.” – John Vyden


In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • John explains how he has refined his approach to renovating homes over the years.
  • He discusses the importance of finding a “middle road” between project cost and quality.
  • He explains his project costing system.
  • He explores the process of getting counsel on board with what is – and isn’t – possible with a renovation project.
  • He explains the difference between getting planning approval and building approval and what it takes to achieve both.
  • He shares what type of renovations will add the most value to a home.
  • He shares tips on how customers can identify a good, quality renovation company.


John’s Insider Property Secrets:

  • Research your products. Shop around to find the best prices without sacrificing quality.
  • The most affordable way to renovate a room is to leave the layout exactly the way it is.


Reach Out to John Vyden:

  • John Vyden’s website
  • John Vyden’s Facebook page.
Feb 14, 2017

When it comes to building a home there are plenty of holes to jump into, but tread with caution - it's not always easy to get through to the finished project. This is part of what Stephen Royal tells us in today’s episode of Property Secrets.

Stephen, an accomplished designer, architect & entrepreneur has always had a knack for design. His high achievements in secondary school led to him to focus on studying architecture. Following his education his first job as an architect included designing buildings for McDonald’s to which he recalls “Rather than flipping burgers, like most people my age, I was flipping plans.”

On today’s show, he tells us what comprises building contracts, the different types of clients he encounters, and a few tips to keep in mind if you are building an investment property or for profit.

“Don’t jump into the idea of building something without doing due diligence in every regard as far as cost goes.” – Stephen Royal


In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • You’ll learn about the subtle yet significant difference between a building designer and an architect.
  • It’s important to know your budget before designing your initial plans.
  • It’s better to engage your own designer before meeting with a builder so that you maintain copyright of your plans and have more control of the building contract. 
  • Always customise your plan to suit your allotment - many people get into the trap of deciding on a builders' generic plan before they have decided on a block of land and often this leads to cost blow outs and the land not being utilised efficiently


Stephen’s Insider Property Secrets:

  1. It's easier to have one point of contact throughout the building process. Talking to multiple departments can lead to miscommunication.
  2. Get the design right in the beginning. The plan that you create in the first five or six hours will have a tremendous impact on what happens a year after that.


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Feb 10, 2017

Whether you’re just starting out in property investing or you’ve been in the industry for years, there’s always something new we can learn about running our business, finding deals and building success. Today, I’m excited to chat with Paul Glossop, Founder and Managing Director of Pure Property Investment.

Paul built a multi-million-dollar property portfolio shortly after he left the corporate world in 2015, where he worked for nearly a decade in the pharmaceutical industry. He explains that he’s always had an interest and passion for property and shares his journey from working in the corporate world to transitioning into real estate investing, buying and selling property deals, and growing his business from the ground up through networking and leveraging the guidance of industry experts. Additionally, he shares several golden nuggets and “insider secrets” on how you can repeat his success with your own property portfolio.


“Your ability to sleep easy at night is far more important than money.” – Paul Glossop


In This Episode of Property Secrets:

  • Who is Paul Glossop and how did he build a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio.
  • Why Paul believes now is the time to start investing.
  • Why it is important to build a good team, create a strategy, and roughly know where you want to invest.
  • What is Paul’s strategy is for selling properties.
  • What types of properties does he typically invest in?


4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selling a property:

  1. Why do you want to sell? Is it a cash flow problem? What are you going to do with the money from that sale?
  2. Which properties in your portfolio are producing the highest cash flow?
  3. Which properties are at the height of the market and is a good time to sell?
  4. What tax ramifications would occur if you sell the property?


Paul’s Insider Property Secret:

Try to see beyond your own opinions and what you think will be the best way to make money from property. Leverage expert opinions. Use what they know snout the market to maximize what you can achieve.


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